Smart Meters or not? You decide.


Every day the Gov’t/Utilities Companies are telling you what is best for you. Whether it health care or Smart Meters everyone is an expert. Lets look a little closer into a device called the Smart meter and the pros and cons.


Here are a few facts about smart meters in Florida:

FP&L is spending 800 million dollars to change out 4,5 million analog meters in the state of Florida.  (That’s $178 per meter.)

The Dept. of Energy provided a grant for 200 million dollars.


Get a licensed home inspector


Don’t let your real estate agent choose the inspector. Hire someone who works for you without any conflict of interest.
Inspect the inspector before you hire. Ask to see a sample home inspection report. (This is included on my website) Also ask about the length of the inspection. A through inspection takes a minimum of three to four hours.
Walk through with the inspector. You’ll learn a lot about you house.



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